Supported Projects

The Washington Square West Trust has provided funds to the following organizations and/or entities to enhance the quality of life for the Washington Square West neighborhood. The Trust does not have any programs of its own; rather, it funds organizations that are congruent to the goals of the Trust. The following organizations fulfill the program goals of the Trust.

To inquire about how the Trust can support your project or organization, please email us at

Free Library of Philadelphia

Building fund and purchase of stools for the children’s area for the Independence Branch, which serves the Washington Square West neighborhood

Friends of Louis I. Kahn Park

Funding for annual summer concert series and park repairs

Friends of Seger Park Playground

Funding for benches, trees, fencing, tennis court resurfacing, facility maintenance, materials for construction and maintenance of the dog park, and the design and construction of the new playground

Historic Antique Row Business Association

Provided funding to promote Antique Row, an historic business district in the heart of the Washington Square West neighborhood

McCall Elementary School

Funding for Promethean interactive whiteboards

Virginia Trosino Tree Tender Scholarships and Greening Grants

Each year the Washington Square West Trust will sponsor scholarships to  tree-tending classes offered by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and the School of Arboriculture at the Morris Arboretum. Recipients of the scholarship must be residents of the Washington Square West neighborhood, and must clearly express their intent to use their gained knowledge for the benefit of the neighborhood.The selection of recipients will be made by the Greening Committee of the Washington Square West Civic Association.
In addition to these scholarships the Washington Square West Trust may consider funding other specific greening projects and make grant awards in Virginia’s name. Possible community greening projects might include, but not be limited to, matching tree grants, grants to make up the difference between the cost of bare-root trees vs. soil on the roots trees, and other green projects proposed by residents of the Washington Square West community.

Washington Square West Civic Association

Co-sponsor for the neighborhood clean-up, co-sponsor for the replacement and installation of new outdoor light fixtures to promote nighttime security throughout the neighborhood, various other activities/programs of the Association

Washington Square West Town Watch

Funding for conference participation and purchase of hooded sweatshirts for Town Watch volunteers

West Washington Square Historic District

Funding of the planting of trees within the proposed District that were common when the neighborhood was first developed